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Does Everyone Know Your Name?

It's common sense confirmed by decades of advertising research:
the most recognized companies get the most business.

People don't buy from strangers...
but from people they know, like & trust.

Building your reputation among the area's older residents and visitors
with an ad in the SouthShore Retirement Guide can make a big difference in your business!

      • These are not your grandparents' retirees. They don't fit old stereotypes.
      • They're more active and have more money.
      • They're good customers for almost everything, probably including what you sell.
      • They're a big part of the local population--too large a market segment to ignore!
      • They're looking for value, trust, service--perhaps more than price.


Advertising in the SouthShore Retirement Guide's print and online editions will help you build profitable relationships with these valuable consumers...and do so cost-effectively.

The SouthShore Retirement Guide is a high-quality, full-color pocket-sized annual magazine that showcases companies that want to demonstrate their interest in meeting seniors' needs.

Over the next 12 months, we'll distribute at least 20,000 copies through hospitals, health clinics, professional offices, senior centers, libraries, chambers of commerce, a variety of retailers and other places seniors congregate.

In addition to seniors themselves, the publication will reach family members, who are commonly involved in seniors' decision-making--often with little local knowledge--and professionals who work with them--who use The Guide to make referrals.

Through this web site, the information is available to a worldwide audience--far away family members, prospective new residents, visitors.

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Advertising in The SouthShore Retirement Guide is an efficient, low cost way to increase your name recognition with this important group of potential customers.

      • Your message will be more effective
        • because our highly defined audience allows you to tailor it to seniors' interests & means you won't waste money on non-prospects.
      • You'll reach real buyers when they're ready to buy.
        • Because of our editorial focus, readers "self-select" and turn to the publication when they need what you offer. Categorized content makes it easy for them to find you when they do.
      • You reach the right readers.
        • Time-tested distribution methods ensure that copies are in readers' hands, not on a street corner getting damp and faded..
      • You only pay once to keep your message in circulation for a whole year.
        • Repeated impressions and being present when it's time to buy are keys to advertising success. One insertion does it!
      • You'll reach a worldwide audience with our companion web site
        • seniors' far-flung family members, who often need to find help in a crisis and don't know the area, will use our web site to find you.
        • you'll also reach prospective new residents and visitors who haven't formed supplier relationships yet and are looking for what you offer.
      • Low rates and annual renewal cycle
        • You'll have money left for other media to help increase your name recognition.



        Click here to learn about our senior oriented publications in other nearby markets
        Get top tips for marketing to seniors
        Resources for Advertisers


        These are some businesses that can benefit by advertising in
        The SouthShore Retirement Guide

• Adult Day Care

• Financial Services

• Alzheimer's Care • Legal Services
• Cars • Medical Care & Treatment
• Case/Care Management, Guardianship • Medical Equipment
• Entertainment/Leisure activities • Prescription Drugs
• Eye Care • Retirement Living Communities
• Home Health Care Services • Security Services
• Homemakers & Companions • Transportation
• Home Maintenance & Decor • Travel
• Personal Services • Products & Services for the Home

• Insurance

• Real Estate



Click here to learn about our senior oriented publications in other nearby markets
Get top tips for marketing to seniors
Resources for Advertisers
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